*We are currently only able to offer our Marriage Coaching sessions to United States residents.
If you reside outside of the US, please consider one of our other marriage resources here.

Christian Marriage Coaching Discovery Session Application

Disclaimer- Please Read Carefully
*Please understand that we are not professional counselors or medical doctors. We are only sharing the things that we have personally experienced and have worked in our lives and marriage. We cannot guarantee that your marriage will be saved or even improve at all- every situation is different and depends upon the willingness of the couple along with various other factors. If you feel that your situation requires professional counseling or advice, please see your family physician or seek out professional medical advice. Also if you or your children are ever in danger or feel that you are in danger, seek out the proper authorities. Your marriage is important, but your physical safety is more important.

I have read the above disclaimer and understand that I am seeking "Christian Marriage Coaching" and that I will not hold JR & Carrie Lightstein or "My Marriage Is Worth It" liable for any decisions I choose to make from any coaching call.

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