Once Upon A Marriage

A Sweet Rendezvous

What a great experience… A unique integration of faith and fun. Strengthened our relationship.

Marty & Jan McGuire

I am so thankful that I heard of the event so my husband and I could participate. It was a perfect date night and we don’t get many of those. We got to meet other couples in our area who love the Lord, we had some yummy treats, we learned to dance together and learned about how God wants our relationship to work. It was fun and productive. Thank you both for a great time. It was extra special because you spoke to the husbands and Carrie spoke to the wives. I recommend it to all married couples.

Renee L. Aumock

“JR & Carrie were so helpful & positive with us, as we not only learned to dance, but they also
implemented applicable biblical instruction into each of their lessons.
We are thankful for this sweet couple!”

Peter & Erica Jones

Thank you for your interest in booking JR & Carrie for your next event!

Once Upon A Marriage: A Sweet Rendezvous is an evening filled with Biblical Marriage Encouragement, Entertainment, Ballroom Dancing and LOTS OF CHOCOLATE! Our Speaking Engagements are Energetic, Engaging, Entertaining, Encouraging and almost always includes a Ballroom Dance Lesson for your attendees!

Please contact us via e-mail to receive more information about our availability and fee schedule. Someone from our support team will contact you with all of the details.

Click Here for our “One Sheet” with all the details!

A Little Bit About Us

Our story is a little different… we were separated 3 times in the first 3 years of our marriage and headed straight for a divorce. During our 3rd separation, we were apart 600 miles for about 5 months with almost no contact during that time and we were headed straight for a divorce. It was during this time that we both found Jesus and  now, today we have been married for over 21 years and have 4 beautiful children who would not even exist if we would have thrown our marriage away. If you would like to read more of our story, you can do that by clicking here!


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